Legend's Club

Season Ticket Group
Target Field 2013

This page is to provide some basic information on a private season ticket group set up to share Legend's Club season tickets for Minnesota Twins games at Target Field for the 2013 season and beyond. Seats are in sold-out section G, behind home plate.  If you have found this page, you should already know the actual row location and seat numbers.

The equity partners own and retain title to the associated Legend's Club memberships for the seats involved (essentially PSLs or Personal Seat Licenses), regardless of tickets and other benefits that are shared with group.

Section G, Our Row - View to Center Field (simulated)
Center Field View

Our ticket group benefits

Twins Legends Club brochure (PDF file)

Legend's Club Benefits

Section G, Our Row (simulated view)
Target Field, Section G, Our row - left Target Field, Section G, Our row - middle Target Field, Section G, Our row - right
NOTE: These are three separate pictures, side by side. The white lines between the three segments (in the center) are not polls or part of the view. In the future, these will be replaced with a more seamless panaramic view. Access to to/from the Club level is through the glass doors at the top of each section (see example on far left and in the picture below).

Section G, Our Row - View to 3rd base side showing seating levels (simulated)
Target Field - levels

From this view, you can see what are essentially 5 different seating levels in the infield area.
From bottom to top:

  1. Field level
  2. Legend's Club level
  3. Private suites
  4. Terrace level
  5. View level (upper section of the split Terrace level, above the concourse)

Legend's Club seats are padded and have wooden backs.

Click here to see the animated panoramic simulation


Group members have access to both the Legend's Club and the Metropolitan Club on game day, each offering unique food and drink options before, during and after the game. Note that although the Metropolian Club is open to all season ticket holders, access to the Legend's Club (and the entire club level) is restricted to members only.

The Legend's Club
Located on the exclusive club level, The Legend's Club pays tribute to the greatest players in the history of the Twins franchise. Three niche spaces on this level honoring Twins Hall of Famers will undoubtedly be amongst the most talked about spots in the park. The 573 Bar, a tribute to Harmon Killebrew, sits behind home plate and features dramatic two-story interiors with the bar designed to emulate one of Killer's favorite Louisville Sluggers. Two other areas, the Carew Atrium (down the third base line), and the Puckett Atrium, (first base line), include two-story wood etched graphics that honor the two Twins favorites. Following the legends theme, the Herb Carneal Press Box is also located on this level.

First Base Lounge
Puckett Atrium
573 Club - bar
Lengend's Club main lounge
Carew Atrium (3rd base)
Third Base Lounge
Lounge View - 3rd base line

The Metropolitan Club
Open to all Twins Legend's Club and season ticket holders, the Metropolitan Club is positioned down the right field line and offers some of the most dramatic views in the ballpark. The Metropolitan Club interiors will be highlighted by the stellar photographic images of the "old Met" as well as other Minnesota ballparks such as Nicollet Park, Lexington Park and Siebert Field. Longtime Twins fans will note the colorful Metropolitan Club logo which is designed to emulate the pastel-color brick fašade of the old ballpark.

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